Driving directions to Hawaiian Legacy Tours Visitors Center from Hilo Airport

Use this map for directions from Hilo Airport


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2. Take the next left. (.3 mi).  You will see the Kukaiau Ranch Sign as you turn:


約500メートル(0.3マイル)先を左折すると、写真のような「Kukaiau Ranch」のサインが見えてきます。

3.  Proceed (3.3 mi) up the winding road through the stand of Eucalyptus, (Speed Limit 35 Mph), through the Guard shack entrance:




4.  Proceed past the Kukaiau Estates sign on the right.  Speed Limit 20 mph, watch out for cattle and horses:


直進すると「Kukaiau Estates」のサインが右手に見えます。(制限速度:時速20マイル)家畜に注意してください。


5.  Proceed up the road to the Umikoa Village sign ( 1.2 mi). Stay on the left of the fork:


2キロ程(1.2マイル)進むと「Umikoa Village」のサインが見えてきます。分岐点では左へお進みください。


6.  Continue up the road till you hit Umikoa Village entrance. (1.4 mi), Speed Limit 15 Mph




 7.  Stay on the Village Road, you will see 3 houses on your right. Pull into the driveway or the third house, you will see a Hawaiian Legacy Tours sign out front. (.1 mi):




Driving from Hilo


1. North on Highway 19, toward Honokaa

Drive until you see the 34 mile marker: