Turtle Bay: Magnum Experience




Departs:  Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu Duration: 1hr*




Narrated, Harbor, Beach, Waterfall




Covering the island of O‘ahu from above, our Magnum Experience will show you all of the island’s highlights. See stunning views of the fabled North Shore, Pearl Harbor, Lē‘ahi (Diamond Head), Kaliuwa‘a (Sacred Falls), and more! You will even fly the same thrilling route seen in the opening sequence of Magnum, P.I., which takes you offshore above the ocean as you cruise past iconic Waikīkī. Fly with Paradise and get your moustache on by taking a flight in the only exact replica of Magnum, P.I.’s Chopper!




Precise MD500 Magnum PI replica helicopter!

Kaliuwa‘a (Sacred Falls)

Ka’a’awa Valley

Lē‘ahi (Diamond Head)

Waikiki Beach

Pearl Harbor

Low level flight off the shores of Waikīkī


Tour Notes


* Total flight time typically varies from 55 – 60 minutes.


Activity Level


Easy: Suitable for adults, children and seniors.


10 King Koa Legacy Trees

per person